What's this? Two Bohemia Interactive games in one week? What are the odds! Some might say, as good as odds as multiple point-and-click adventure games in one week; and if you have been listening to this podcast over the past couple of months you would know what those odds were, you would know.

Anyways, we are back with a new review of the 2007, Real-Time-Tactic game, UFO: Afterlight. The third entry in the series (though I never played the first two), UFO: Afterlight follows a similar vein as the X-Com series (supposedly, since I have never played those, yet).

Brief Steam Description:

The story is situated on Mars. It starts where UFO: Aftermath left off and runs simultaneously with UFO: Aftershock. While the Laputans on Earth are fighting Wargots and Starghosts and finding out what caused the destruction of their home planet, a small colony on Mars is trying to survive and flourish.

So yes, fighting Wargots and Starghosts, what could be more thrilling!

Welcome back to the Never Ending Backlog podcast everybody.

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