Welcome back everyone to the Never Ending Backlog! Today we have a very special treat. Not only are we reviewing a game from a developer we have already reviewed (Return To Adventure Mountain, LLC), we are also joined by the Owner and Developer at RTAM, Chris Zukowski, the developer behind games such as 1-Screen Platformer, Return Of The Zombie King, and the now-Wishlist 'able, 1-Screen Platformer 2 (Wishlist it on Steam here).

But wait, there's more! If you follow both Never Ending Backlog (@NevEndBacklog), and Chris (@AdventureMtn), on Twitter, and comment with your favorite current PC game, on the post for this review; you will earn a FREE Steam key to 1-Screen Platformer, graciously provided by Chris (first five comments will receive a free Steam key sent through Twitter Direct Messaging, so comment fast!)

Now back to the review, here is a brief Steam description of Return Of The Zombie King:

Return of the Zombie King is a 2D-RUNNER, with a 1-BUTTON control system. Start with a dead king who can't jump, see, or hear anything. COLLECT as much gold as you can and UPGRADE him by buying back all his body parts.

And there you have it! So join Zach, Chris, and a couple great PC games on this episode of the Never Ending Backlog podcast.

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