Welcome back to the Never Ending Backlog podcast! Today Zach realized that he seems to only purchase point-and-click adventure games, even though he is not as interested in that genre. After looking through his backlog further, there are indeed dozens more that will need to be reviewed. With that being said, today we will be reviewing the Point-And-Click Adventure Tale, Machinarium, by Amanita Design.

Steam Description: Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost series, Botanicula and CHUCHEL. Help Josef the robot save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang!

After playing this game for a short period of time, we can confirm that it certainly deserves quite a few awards. But the question that is on everyone's mind is, is this the first point-and-click adventure game that Zach has played, that he actually enjoys? Stay tuned on the Never Ending Backlog to find out!

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