Welcome back to the next episode of the Never Ending Backlog podcast! No, that title is not my wavering doubts of some of the rough games that are in my future, no, those are hidden away from public.

Today's game is titled, I Have No Idea What I'm Doing Prototype, or IHNIWIDP for short? This game is actually pretty awesome and it's a fun VR party game which is pretty rare in the marketplace (especially since it doesn't require more than one VR headset), and it has an even cooler story about how it was developed.

If you're a fan of software/game development, and hack'o'thons, then we think you will enjoy this episode; for reference, the game is included in the Amensia Fortnight bundle, and you will learn why.

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome again to the Never Ending Backlog podcast.

Steam Description: Amnesia Fortnight is a two week game jam during which anyone at Double Fine can pitch an idea and, if it’s selected, lead a team to turn it from concept to working prototype. This documentary series is the ultimate record of that event, as project leads succeed or fail to bring their games to life.

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