Day two of Halo Week is here! And guess what we're reviewing? You guessed it! Halo 2: Anniversary in the Master Chief Collection on Steam. We actually don't remember much of Halo 2; we remember parts of it; however, we figured it was a darker period of our life, and we're probably just blocking it out. But doom and gloom aside, let's review it!

Steam Description: Halo 2: Anniversary comes to PC as the next installment in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Now optimized for PC, experience the impeccably remastered edition of the original Halo 2 game. Following the destruction of Halo, humankind experiences a short-lived victory. Eager for revenge, the Covenant launches a surprise attack on Earth, but they find themselves ill-prepared to defeat the UNSC’s home fleet and are forced to flee into slipspace. When the Master Chief pursues his overzealous enemies, they discover yet another Halo ring, uncovering long-buried secrets, including an unlikely ally, that will dramatically alter the course of the Human-Covenant Conflict forever.

All we remember... dual weapons! Woo dual weapons!

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