Welcome back, we hope you had a terrific weekend! For today's episode of the Never Ending Backlog, we will be reviewing a new entry in the backlog, recently purchased in September's Humble Choice subscription service. Today Zach will be reviewing the FPS Survival European/Robot-themed, Generation Zero!

Here's a brief description of Generation Zero:

Welcome to 1980’s Sweden. The local population has disappeared, and hostile machines roam the streets. Explore the atmospheric open world as you attempt to survive and prepare to strike back. Play alone or together with up to 3 friends, as you discover ways to defeat the invaders.

FYI, if you know Zach at all, you will know there is one major thing missing from this game... no it's not robots, no it's not synthwave/80's goodness; no, this game has both of those amazing things... What is it missing?

a-ha... that's what is missing. We understand that a-ha was from Norway; however, come on... this is an 80's Swedish game... it needed some a-ha, let's add some Take On Me and really make a blockbuster game!

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