We are rounding out this week of reviews with a terrific side-view, retro platformer from 1991, created by Apogee Software and 3D Realms; which are two amazing groups that are single-handedly responsible for our love and interest in retro computer games. Today we are reviewing Dark Ages, part of the 3D Realms Anthology collection.

Steam Description: In Dark Ages, you’re the Prince of the Great Kingdom, who as a child watched the King – your father – die at the hands of Garth, a power mad warlord with uncanny magical abilities. Garth sent you away from the Great Kingdom to be raised as a peasant, and to never fulfill your destiny as the future king.

Garth... haha, we still can't get over that name for an evil warlord. We're not worthy of today's review, as this game is truly a gem; and the soundtrack could be raking up millions of downloads on Spotify today, it's ear-jubilant goodness.

So, crank up the volume and join Zach on this episode of the Never Ending Backlog podcast.

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