Never Ending Backlog: Daikatana Recap

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Takeaway 1: Daikatana, a classic first-person shooter, was met with mixed reactions due to high expectations and some technical issues

While the host, Zach, was initially excited to play Daikatana, he found that his excitement waned as he played the game. This sentiment was echoed by other players, who felt that Daikatana did not live up to the hype surrounding its release.

Zach said, "I was extremely excited for this game and I kind of jumped right into it and then I kind of fell out of love with it a little bit. Then I started reading some reviews and apparently I'm not the only one." He went on to discuss how the game was "over marketed, overhyped," and failed to deliver on expectations due to using an outdated engine and being released alongside games like Half-Life and Metal Gear Solid.

Takeaway 2: Despite its flaws, Daikatana offers a unique futuristic Japanese theme and interesting AI co-op gameplay

Zach appreciated the game's futuristic Japanese theme, calling it "a solid design." He also expressed interest in exploring the AI co-op aspect of the game further, even though he had heard that it was not executed well.

"I want to see more of the AI co-op stuff. I haven't gotten far into the game, but I think it's a pretty cool aspect," he said. "I know it's not going to be great. I heard reviews that it's actually pretty much awful. And they're terrible AI controlled components that you work with. I don't really expect a lot from 2000."

Takeaway 3: The Never Ending Backlog podcast aims to review different types of games and explore their background, development, and gameplay

Through reviewing various games in his backlog, Zach not only shares his thoughts and experiences with listeners but also learns more about the games themselves. Researching the developers and companies behind each game allows him to provide a more informed opinion on each title.

Zach explained, "I'm getting really cool things about this. I'm also really going to know, like I said, I buy a lot of stuff and it's not like themes or templates that I buy. I just buy stuff regarding games just because I want to have all games." By reviewing a game every day and engaging in conversation about them, the podcast aims to provide a casual and informative discussion on a variety of gaming experiences.

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