Never Ending Backlog: Call of Duty: Black Ops II Recap

About the session

This transcript is from an episode of the Never Ending Backlog podcast where the host, Zach, reviews Call of Duty Black Ops Two.

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Takeaway 1: Call of Duty Black Ops Two provides both an engaging single player and multiplayer experience, despite some resolution issues.

The host, Zach, expressed his frustration with the game's resolution issues, particularly when playing on a triple monitor setup. "57 60 by 1080 did not work. The aspect ratio, everything was spread out super far," he said. However, once he switched to playing at 1920 by 1080, he found the game to be enjoyable and well-optimized.

Zach also touched on the game's multiplayer mode, which he has played for more than an hour. He praised its quick matchmaking, saying, "Within 3 seconds, no elaboration, 3 seconds, I was actually in a full match, ready to go." However, he did encounter some hackers during his multiplayer experience, which detracted from the overall enjoyment. Despite these issues, Zach still recommends the game for its engaging gameplay and storyline.

Takeaway 2: Call of Duty Black Ops Two's numerous cutscenes can be both immersive and frustrating for players.

Zach discussed his mixed feelings about the game's heavy use of cutscenes, which he believes can sometimes hinder the storytelling experience. "I like the storyline involved in games, but I think you can tell the storyline through the game, through dialogue, while playing the game," he said.

He also mentioned that the game features recognizable voice actors, such as Michael Rooker, which adds to the immersion. However, he still found the constant cutscenes to be a hindrance to his overall enjoyment of the game, saying, "It seems like every three minutes there's a cutscene. It is so frustrating."