Though this episode was slated to be Back To The Future Episode Two; we have decided that it would be best to play Episode One all the way through; that way we have a better experience since we do have Episodes Three, Four, and Five as well, on the horizon. We are thinking we can do a Back To The Future week on the Never Ending Backlog, and that would be entertaining for us as well.

In the meantime though, we needed another unplayed and unreviewed game title that started with the letter B. Next on the list, the medieval themed, unicycling, balancing, jousting game, Balancelot; created by the Finland-based, indie game developer studio, Jestercraft.

Steam Description: Use your controller or keyboard to balance the clumsy but fully functional unicycle. Thrust the threatening mythical monsters with your sharpened lance as they sit on your way to glory. Climbing over the dead enemies with your unicycle may be the last climb you take.

This game was actually pretty fun to play, and although it was extremely frustrating nearly the entire time; it wasn't because it performed poorly. In fact, it performed exactly as you expected it to, which was even more frustrating since it is a challenging time-suck type of game (sometimes you need those mindless games). Overall, there are a lot of neat things covered in this game, and it contains items that we have researched in the past in higher-academia settings. Without spoiling the podcast in the description, join us as we travel back in time to play Balancelot.

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