Never Ending Backlog: Back to the Future: Ep 1 - It's About Time Recap

About the session

The session is an episode of The Never Ending Backlog podcast, which focuses on short reviews of PC games. The host, Zach, reviews the adventure game Back to the Future episode one: It's About Time.

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Takeaway 1: Back to the Future Episode 1 is a well-crafted adventure game with high-quality graphics and sound, based on the popular movie franchise.

The host, Zach, praised the game for its smooth gameplay, impressive music and sound effects, and the use of original voice actors from the movies. He mentioned that the game "ran extremely smooth" and that the sound effects and voice acting were "really cool to see." The design and graphics were also well-done, with an "artistic vibe of cartoony comic book-like" style.

Additionally, Zach noted that the writing is well-executed, offering a new storyline instead of just rehashing the plots of the movies: "It's not an exact remake of Back to the Future one, two, or three... It does offer a lot of new storyline, which is really cool." He also appreciated the fact that the game is not too demanding in terms of quick reflexes, making it accessible for newer gamers or those who prefer a slower-paced experience.

Takeaway 2: The game's controls are easy to pick up, but the limited choices within the adventure game genre can be frustrating for some players.

Zach discussed the straightforward controls and point-and-click gameplay, stating that "Controls are pretty easy... You can use the keyboard arrows or arrows or WSAD to move your character around." However, he also expressed his frustration with the limited choices often found in adventure games, as they can negatively impact the player's problem-solving experience.

He explained his preference for games that allow for more creativity and choice, saying, "I like that free roam ability. I like the ability to quickly solve problems in a creative way that I want to... and until adventure games can do that, unfortunately, I'm probably not going to be as interested in them."

Takeaway 3: The game is no longer available for purchase due to financial hardships at Telltale Games, making it a rare find for collectors.