Never Ending Backlog: 1 Screen Platformer Recap

About the session

This is the first episode of the Never Ending Backlog Podcast, which features short reviews of video games from a gamer trying to reduce his backlog of unplayed games. The host, Zach, discusses his plans for the podcast and reviews a game called One Screen Platformer.

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Takeaway 1: The Never Ending Backlog Podcast aims to help gamers tackle their growing collection of unplayed games

The host, Zach, explained that the podcast is a review byte-sized show focused on his goal of playing and reviewing over 1500 games in his Steam library that have zero playtime. The podcast will feature short reviews of PC games, with occasional guest appearances from game developers, marketers, and others in the industry.

"I have about 1500 plus games in my Steam library that have zero playtime and my goal is to knock them all out and do short little reviews," said Zach. "Essentially what I'm planning on doing is basically installing Monday through Friday, install the game, do about an hour to two hour playtime, and then do a ten to 15 minutes review on each game."

Takeaway 2: The podcast will feature both indie and mainstream games, focusing on various aspects like graphics, gameplay, and developer activity

Zach mentioned that the games reviewed will come from various sources, including Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, and other indie titles. He plans to review games based on their graphics, gameplay, controls, and developers' activities and updates.

"I'm going to review kind of what I thought about what the graphics were, how it ran, how the developers act, and the pricing and stuff like that," said Zach. "But my main review is going to be a very simple one, which is I'm going to say am I going to keep this game installed on my computer or am I going to delete it?"

Takeaway 3: The podcast aims to be a helpful resource for gamers looking to discover new titles and make informed decisions on what to play

Zach hopes that the Never Ending Backlog Podcast will help gamers find new titles to play, as well as assist in making informed decisions about which games to invest time and money into. He also wants to engage his audience by taking suggestions on games that they would like to see reviewed.

"If you guys listen to something you're like, hey, I would be interested in this game. Not necessarily want to buy it yet, but can you do a review on it? This is not just indie games. I have tons of different games," said Zach. "So I can tell right now. Later on this week I'm planning on doing Call of Duty. Blackout. Blackout black Ops. I think two I think is the one I'm playing."