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Never Ending Backlog

an accumulation of something, especially uncompleted work or matters that need to be dealt with.

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About the Series

Is it a blog? Somewhat. A web series? Could be. A live stream? Maybe one day.

Find yourself looking at your Steam library and noticing your list of unplayed games increase with every announcement of the newest Humble Bundle, Fanatical, or Steam Summer Sale? You are not alone.

The Never Ending Backlog is approaching its fifth unofficial season (but who is counting), and I think I finally know what I want it to be.


Just messing; however, there have been some changes due to my content creation interests, schedules, etc.

Moving forward I want to do one video a day; however, it is going to be a YouTube Short. This allows me to conquer my backlog in an appropriate amount of time, while still giving the games the time they deserve. Once in a while I will write a blog, share a story, or create a longer video, depending on where the story leads.

Welcome back to the Never Ending Backlog.