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Never Ending Backlog

  1. an accumulation of something, especially uncompleted work or matters that need to be dealt with.


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About the Series

Is it a podcast? Sure. A web series? Could be. A live stream? Maybe one day.

Find yourself looking at your Steam library and noticing your list of unplayed games increases with every announcement of the newest Humble Bundle, Fanatical, or Steam Summer Sale? You're not alone.

The Never Ending Backlog is approaching its fourth unofficial season, and I think I finally know what I want it to be.


Just messing. In this season I am trying something entirely new, something no other game reviewer is doing, I am using the software platform, Giide, which allows me to create interactive audio game reviews, with links, images, and other helpful pieces of information for you.

Want to see gameplay footage? You'll get it. Looking to find a link to the Steam store? I'll share it. Need random emojis? 👍

The huge benefit of this platform, is it will allow me to create daily content effectively, so by our calculations, by the year 2026 we should be done with my Never Ending Backlog.